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Lin Lougheed in Japan

The legendary TOEIC® author Lin Lougheed recently visited Japan and met with TOEIC® teachers and writers to hear how they use his series Longman Preparation Series for the TOEIC® in their classrooms.

Lin has written an article for Pearson detailing his experiences in Japan, in which he discusses the changing needs of the students and teachers he met and how his books can help address these needs.

What a treat to be in Japan! I love visiting TOEIC® teachers and TOEIC® writers to hear how they use the Longman Preparation Series for the TOEIC® in their classrooms. I loved hearing how the series is called a "classic". As the first TOEIC® series on the market, it has been used as the model for the many local and international preparation books to follow. Now, Longman is doing the groundwork for the sixth edition.

The exciting thing about the Longman TOEIC® series is the way it continues to adapt to the changing format of the test and the changing needs of the students and teachers. During my time in Osaka and Tokyo, I talked to teachers about these needs and how the series could meet them.

There is never enough time in the semester, but teachers have found that the clear organization of the books have helped them budget their classroom time to make sure the students have the information they need to perform well on the TOEIC®.

Teachers appreciated the numerous easy-to-follow activities and the copious amount of tips and strategies in each chapter. Combined with the concise explanations, they had a complete TOEIC preparation course and did not need to develop additional materials.

Of course, students always want more vocabulary training. We discussed ways to incorporate self-study activities that would help the students learn vocabulary in a variety of contexts. These self-study activities, many of which are outlined in the introductions, expand the instructional material without adding time to a teacher's already full day. Future editions will provide more of these out-of-class activities.

My time with teachers in Japan was very meaningful to me. I look forward to staying in touch with these great teachers and meeting more users of the classic Longman Preparation Series for the TOEIC® on my next trip.

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